Springboard Foundation Film Festival

Tuesday, December 1, 2020 7pm-9pm EST, The Springboard Foundation is hosting the first Ever Springboard Foundation Film Festival with director Carl Hansen. The fundraiser proceeds will benefit scholarship programs.

Carl Hansen is an award-winning filmmaker and Emmy-winning producer who has been involved in various capacities with many successful unscripted and variety series. He won a Sports Emmy award for his involvement in “100,000 Cameras: Ohio State at Michigan” (Fox Sports) and was previously nominated for “89 Blocks” (FOX Sports). As a Co-Executive Producer, he was nominated for a Primetime Emmy for "Shark Tank" (ABC). He was Supervising Producer on the critically-lauded and award-winning docu-series "Boston Med" (ABC News) where he was instrumental in coverage of the 2nd partial-face transplant in the U.S. and which led to many people signing up as organ donors for the first time. He is currently the director of production for Fox Sports Films. Carl is also an acclaimed timed-short filmmaker - producing and directing films from conception to completion in very strict timeframes with his team, Cultural Detritus. Their work has played at multiple film festivals around the globe where they have won a number of awards.

The First Annual Springboard Foundation Film Festival will highlight the finalist of the 7th annual Easterseals Disability Short-Film Challenge. The Easterseals Disability Short-Film Challenge is an annual film-making contest, open to all; the challenge provides a platform for new voices in the entertainment industry. The challenge gives filmmakers the opportunity to tell unique stories that showcase disability in its many forms through innovative film-making.

Title (listed in alphabetical order) Description
2nd Act A short documentary chronicling Danny J. Gomez's journey from surviving Hurricane Katrina and a life-altering accident to becoming a professional actor.
Áine This is the story of Áine a magical, feisty young girl with Down syndrome.
Autism Ability This project portrays the behind the scenes impact that autism has on my filming and filming has on my life.
Expectations Ashley Eakin has defied expectations having experienced over 28 surgeries and cancer, while also having a 10+ year career in entertainment.
Full Picture With meetings, hangouts, and classes happening virtually, Santina is experiencing something new: Choosing when (or if) to disclose her disability.
How Much Am I Worth? This documentary explores the failings of the U.S. health system through the lens of four women with disabilities.
Hyper Active As he faces his recent adult ADHD diagnosis, Cory embarks on a quest to learn how several friends with disabilities continue to cope and how their journeys might impact his own.
In Dependence A peek into some of the ways in which Patrick Ivison and many others with disabilities must navigate the financial implications of living freely while needing physical care. 
Natalie's Point of View Natalie Trevonne describes her life path as a passionate dancer who gradually lost her sight during her youth.
The Fish Don't Care if it Rains With humor and heart, autistic artist Jen Msumba demonstrates what the simple life of a fish can teach us about accepting our circumstances.
Voices from the Invisible The story of a young woman who has gone through every treatment for her mental health issues.
Waddle I Do Without You? A penguin is left heartbroken after the destruction of a snowman, prompting their penguin friend to try and cheer them up.

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The Springboard Foundation, a non-profit affiliate of Springboard Consulting, is pleased to announce the availability of scholarships to full-time college students who have documented disabilities of any type deemed to be protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act and/or the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

These scholarships are given as one time awards. The rules for eligibility are contained in the Application document. The Springboard Foundation is pleased to provide this opportunity to several promising students each year, based on available funds.


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