Joanne Tarlin

Former At-Large

Joanne Tarlin is a highly creative, spiritual and inquisitive artist who happens to have an analytical mind too.

Born with a keen sense of color and visual awareness and raised in an environment that fostered helping those less fortunate than herself, Joanne developed her talents, sharing them with a broad spectrum of organizations. She initially studied industrial design, followed by a degree in visual communications from the Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design.

Joanne is a seasoned professional in customized relationship marketing and communications. For many years she ran a Los Angeles based graphic communication company. She also spent time working as an agency’s creative director.

For the last decade she has worked with education non-profits that serve children who are either at risk for or have special needs, currently serving as creative advisor for Raising A Reader, MA, an early reading intervention program.

When Joanne is not working with others, she paints abstract oil paintings and shows throughout the Boston area where she resides and maintains a professional studio.